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At the highest level of business, an efficient operating model is the cornerstone of successful strategy execution.

It translates strategic intent into a blueprint for how the organization will deliver value. It includes design principles for how the organization will operate, how decisions will be made and what behaviors will drive performance. An effective operating model enables organizations to deliver growth and scalability, improve the customer experience, drive operational efficiency and develop a sustainable business.

At db gurevich we work with leaders to first clarify their strategy, then cascade the results into an operating model, organizational structure and processes. We leverage industry-leading tools and methodologies and work collaboratively with leadership to:

  1. Align leaders around a shared and compelling purpose.
  2. Clarify the strategy so the fit-for-purpose and can be implemented.
  3. Develop an operating model that manages competing priorities and ensures that everything the business does adds value to the bottom line.
  4. Design a detailed organizational structure that aligns with the operating model and focuses people on doing the right things.
  5. Develop effective governance processes that help the organization work.

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